Functionality of the Jammer Press

In All, Blog, UP Your Fitness by Louis Smith

One of the most efficient ways to build strength and power is with the Push press. The explosiveness of the movement targets Type II muscle fibers which have a great potential for growth. Generally speaking, faster movements will recruit more motor units. As we know big compound exercises are the key to stimulating systemic muscle growth. Much like the push press, the jammer press uses your legs as well as the rest of your body, therefore has greater hormonal response and additional benefits.

The jammer press positions your elbows in the sagittal plane which is the optimal placement to protect your rotator cuff during overhead presses. If you have any shoulder issues, the jammer press or landmine press is a safe way to build strength while decreasing your chance of injury.

Studies show the push press provides similar benefits to jump squats in terms of developing power, which is beneficial for increased force production, muscle contraction speed and development of the stretch shortening cycle. These benefits directly translate to the jammer press, allowing you to press more weight in a safer environment. My motto in training is to always measure the risk vs the reward, and the jammer press reduces the risk compared to conventional push press with all the rewards.

What makes the jammer press so effective? The exercise is a time efficient combination of lower body power and upper extremity and core strengthening. It calls on the calves, quads, core, deltoids, and triceps as prime movers along with a host of other muscle that assist and stabilize. The exercise requires the body to function in concert as an integrated unit. In functional training, the right muscles need to be recruited to contract and relax at the appropriate times for maximum efficiency and performance.