THE Amped UP FITNESSMission Statement

Amped up is about aligning three aspects to created a fitness lifestyle. Vitality through healthy eating habits, fitness through proper training for individuals goals and inspiration to stay motivated in your journey. I designed Amped up based on the NASA concept of Max- Q, the point at which the pressure created by a spacecraft’s velocity and the surrounding air density is the greatest. If a vessel can withstand this strain while zooming away from Earth, it will go into orbit; if not, it can be blown to pieces. The message is: If everything is operating at an optimal level at the same time, then great things can be accomplished.

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Learn how to set and achieve your fitness goals with challenging workouts, nutrition planning and knowledgable guidance along the way.

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12 Week Training Program

When you enroll in my 12-week personalized training program, I will give you everything you need to achieve your goals and create a fit healthy lifestyle. I don’t believe in crash diets or instant gratification. In order to change your body you must commit to breaking bad habits and implementing new habits inline with your goal. When you complete the 12-week program you will have results and the understanding to maintain those results for years to come.

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Online Fitness

Challenge your limits with unique online workouts. Learn how to train smart and hard to build lean muscle, burn fat, and stay motivated.

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I have more energy regularly. I’ve lost a few pant sizes and I can wear shirts I haven’t been able to fit into in years. Kevin P.
I love training with Lou! He keeps me motivated to stay in shape. Lou is knowledgable about fitness and health. Lauren C.
My husband and I fell in love with Lou’s workouts. He creates challenging workouts for all levels. Angie G.

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